GAYATRI & ADITYA Group of companies (GA Group) is guided by the strong leadership of visionaries across the field. Meet these leaders that have made the GA Group the success it is today.

Mr. Jonna Tirupati Rao

Chief Executive Officer

With an experience of 18 years in the field of Indian Securities Markets Mr. Tirupati leads the corporate team at GA Capital. His expertise in the field makes him the optimal leader who directs the process of the organisation.

Mrs. Haseena Rao


As a Management Graduate and Professional Fashion Designer, is currently serving as a Director at GA Capital. Having 15 years of business experience, Mrs. Rao is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and a co-promotor of GayiAdi Holdings Pvt. Ltd, GayiAdi Enterprises, GayiAdi Capital Management Pvt. Ltd, and Promoter of Haseenarao Apparels Pvt. Ltd. She is also a member of DRUCC (Divisional Railway Users Consultative Committee).

Mr. R J Prasad

Chief Financial Officer

An alumnus of the prestigious ICAI, with over 20 years of strategic finance and accounting experience, Mr. Prasad the CFO of GA Capital. He has his expertise anchored in preparation and compliance management for all financial reporting needs across the world. He also has deft capabilities in handling taxation, transfer pricing, RBI related regulatory filings and STPI compliance.

Mr. Kishore Verma Mantena

National Head – Corporate Sales

Coming from a rich corporate background of over 22 years, Mr Kishore is the Sr. Vice President at GA Capital who has risen through the ranks from Sales Correspondence. His knowledge in B2B and B2C sales has shown its value on many occasions in his career here.

Mr. Srinivas Maya

Legal Counsel

With a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and LLB, Mr. Maya joined GA Capital as an Additional Director. He has over two decades of diverse experiences across sectors, specifically Financial Services and Investment Management.

Mr. R Samson Peters

Chief Human Resource Officer

With a track record of managing HR in large scale organizations from the past 20 years, Mr. Samson brings a blend of contemporary human capital led capability. In combination with an empathy-based approach for managing organisational change, he has excelled in countless HR practices. He has been awarded recognition in Employee Retention, Growth, and consistent Performance Management.


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