GAYATRI & ADITYA Group of companies (GA group) has a strong board that acts as a catalyst in decision making and navigating the company towards growth and success. Balance with the right members, this board is the reason behind the company’s executive excellence.

Mr. J. V. Tirupati Rao

Managing Director

With an experience of 18 years in the field of Indian Securities Markets Mr. Tirupati leads the corporate team at GA Capital. His expertise in the field makes him the optimal leader who directs the process of the organisation.

Mrs. Shaik Haseena Rao


As a Management Graduate and Professional Fashion Designer, and Member of DRUCC (Divisional Railway Users Consultative Committee) is a Director at GA Capital. Having 15 years of business experience, Ms. Rao is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and a co-promotor of GayiAdi Holdings Pvt. Ltd, GayiAdi Enterprises, GayiAdi Capital Management Pvt. Ltd, and Promoter of Haseenarao Apparels Pvt. Ltd.

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